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Become a Part of the Mind Workout Vault by IFE THOMAS, Mindset & Confidence Coach

Become a Part of the Mind Workout Vault by IFE THOMAS, Mindset & Confidence Coach

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Unlock a year’s worth of transformative content for a one-time payment of just £120! Secure your access to new videos, masterclasses, and motivational boosts released throughout the year. Commit to a stronger mindset today—this annual deal is unbeatable.

Join today and immerse yourself in a comprehensive personal development experience. Inside the Mindworkout Vault, you’ll find actionable strategies for mindset growth, time management, and so much more.

Unlock the Vault for £120/Year! Subscribe Now!

Hurry—this offer won’t last forever and rates may increase in the near future!

What’s Included in The Mind Workout Vault with This Exclusive Annual Subscription?

Powerlift Your Career

  • ✅ Comprehensive Videos (12): Deep-dive into strategies that bolster both your personal and professional life. Learn about neuroplasticity and the psychology of success.
  • ✅ Digital eBook: Start your transformation with practical insights.
  • ✅ Audiobook Version: Get inspired anytime, anywhere.

Your Path to Personal Growth Awaits.

• Tackle challenges like procrastination and imposter syndrome.
• Master time management techniques.
• Achieve holistic growth—from parenting to excelling in sales and social media marketing.

✅ Daily Shots of Motivation
✅ Mindset & Confidence
✅ Career Advice
✅ Training Videos
✅ Quote of the Day
✅ Entertainment
✅ Life with the Thomas’s
✅ Life TV with IFE
✅ Virtual Back Stage/Behind the Scenes
✅ Interviews & Conversations
✅ Tricks, Hacks, and Tips
✅ Masterclasses
✅ Uplifting Videos
✅ Autism SEN videos

...And Much More!

Exclusive Annual Subscription

Opt in now for this annual rate of £120. No more monthly payments, no fuss—just a whole year of invaluable content to empower your mindset

Continuous Learning

Stay ahead with the Mindworkout Vault's constantly updated content.

All-Inclusive Access

Dive into an array of resources designed for success and growth in every facet of life.

What Our Customers Say

Jori O‘Neale

"She always showed up as her authentic self, pink hair and all!! It was the first time I spoke with a mindset coach and the time was unforgettable. I'm grateful to have examples like her, who show up as their authentic selves and give others permission to do the same. I pray 🙏🏾 to be as brave and vulnerable with my shortcomings and mistakes and set an example for others to follow in speech and action. "


"I can't say enough about Ife's Mindworkout Vault! Having worked with Ife directly and witnessed the incredible transformations in my own life, I'm beyond thrilled to see all that wisdom and guidance consolidated in one place. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the Mindworkout Vault – it's a decision you won't regret!"


"Once you meet Ife Thomas you enter into a world of possibilities. A world that she embraces wholeheartedly. She epitomises the belief that if you conceive and believe you can achieve whatever you desire. If you are ready to enter into a world possibilities and exponential personal growth then you need Ife Thomas in your life!"

Jennie Green

"The Vault's daily motivation & mental well-being are perfect for my busy life with two kids. Quick and uplifting, it's just what I needed! Ife Thomas has clearly done her homework. Thank you!"

Neil Kattenhorn

"Having followed and researched a number of different personal development methods, authors, trainers and public speakers over the years. This is as yet the only book I have found that encompasses all of these methods and consolidates them into an easy to read and understand format."

Evelyn Asima

"Powerlift Your Career and the Mindworkout Vault have been a game-changer for me! The videos and resources helped me overcome challenges like never before, and the diverse video library is a treasure trove of knowledge."


"Ife’s words are a gift to this world, her words inspire and create transformation in lives"


"Watching Ife’s video make me smile. I remember I was so stressed and lost in the middle of nowhere, I clicked on one of Ifes video and it made me laugh out loud."

Wanda Warren

“ The videos Make My Day”


"The aptly named ‘mind workout - powerlift your career’ is such a thoughtful guide on positively using one’s mind to achieve. For someone like me, who likes to hit the gym regularly, this book has given me the workouts needed for the mind. "

Invest in Your Growth with the Mindworkout Vault.

Start today! This offers the ultimate toolkit. Perfect for those eager to propel their daily motivation, this platform promises to inspire, entertain, educate, and supercharge you with a confidence boost and mindset shifts. 

Are you ready for transformation?

Unlock the Vault for £120/Year! Subscribe Now!

Hurry—this offer won’t last forever and rates may increase in the near future!