🎬That’s a Wrap 🎁

🎬That’s a Wrap 🎁

My official last day…

As an entrepreneur and someone with autism, I’ve turned understanding human behaviour into my profession. It’s a bit like being a detective, but with less mystery and more psychology.

Festive Frenzy: A Balancing Act
Christmas? Love the joy, could do without the chaos. It’s like enjoying skiing but not the cold. I’ve mastered the art of balancing festive cheer with energy efficiency.

Strategic Gift-Giving
Selecting gifts? It used to drain my energy, now I do it with the precision of a ninja - quick, focused, and efficient. My mantra this year? ROE - Return On Energy. It’s like choosing the best mince pie, less about quantity, more about quality.

Conversations Over Cards
No Christmas cards this year. I’m opting for voice notes and calls instead. It’s personal, direct, and frankly, saves me from writer’s cramp. Plus, it’s a great excuse to avoid hunting for stamps.

Energy: Spend It Wisely
It’s all about smart energy management. Fewer gifts, more meaningful connections. I’m focusing on what brings real joy, especially to the kids.

Keeping It Short and Sweet
So, “That’s a wrap” from me.

I’m off to wrap some presents – efficiently, of course. It’ll be quick, like a Christmas elf on a caffeine buzz.
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