As an autistic, black female who was abandoned by her birth parents when she was just six weeks’ old, Ife has experienced a lot of adversity in her life.

By adopting a positive mindset and developing an unshakeable self-confidence, Ife was able to overcome her struggles and create the life she always wanted. 

Ife’s Keynote Topics

Ife is passionate about sharing everything she has learned on her journey to success, and her areas of expertise include:

  • The power of connection
    Connecting positively with yourself so you can connect better with others and achieve anything.
  • The power of positivity
    Mastering the life-changing power of mindset and the things we say to ourselves.
  • The power of change
    Recognising the importance of being able to adapt in both life and work.
  • The power of community
    Finding your tribe and surrounding yourself with excellence. 
  • The psychology of success
    How to think like a winner and achieve your biggest goals.

Ife always tailors her content and key messages to her clients’ requirements. If you’d like to find out more about how she can power up your people, with a bespoke talk, why not get in touch today? 

Fire Up Your Workforce

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