🚀 The Hectic Adventures of an Entrepreneur: An Insightful Journey! 🤪

🚀 The Hectic Adventures of an Entrepreneur: An Insightful Journey! 🤪

Today and tomorrow, I have the pleasure of having a Year 10 work experience student with me. It's like having a VIP guest in my fast-paced life! Let me give you a sneak peek into my whirlwind of a day:


9:30 am - Briefing call with a client I'll be speaking for on Thursday. It's my chance to practice my best "professional speaker" voice while secretly hoping I don't accidentally mute myself.


10 am - Sports day for my 10-year-old. Brace yourself for my overly enthusiastic cheering, possibly causing some second-hand embarrassment for my kid. Sorry, not sorry!


12 pm - Lunchtime! A brief oasis before diving back into the world of slides and speeches. I'll be juggling words and visuals like a magician with a PowerPoint wand.


3 pm - The dreaded email chaos and a never-ending to-do list. Watch as my fingers dance on the keyboard, multitasking like a caffeinated octopus.


4 pm - School pick-up time. Witness the comedy of rounding up kids while trying to maintain a professional facade. It's an art form, really.


5 pm - The evening work extravaganza continues. My secret superhero alter ego emerges, fueled by tea and determination. Picture me channeling my inner Tony Robbins, tirelessly working on speeches and honing my speaking skills.


Now, let's get real for a moment. I don't earn £2,000 every day, despite what our work experience friend might think. This glimpse into my life only scratches the surface of the hustle behind the scenes. Cold calling, video editing, ad campaigns, collaborating with my PR person and content writer—it's a whirlwind adventure.


But here's the twist: Amidst any investment flops, my mind is stronger than ever. Each evening, as the chaos subsides and the kids drift to dreamland, I reflect on my day. I ask myself what went well, what didn't, and what I'd do differently. These moments keep me powered up and energise me to keep going.

And speaking of resilience, let me tell you about Thursday! I'll be embarking on a thrilling adventure. First, I'll be delivering an in-person speaking presentation at a primary school, engaging children with the message of mental resilience and the importance of maintaining a mind workout routine. Their enthusiasm and curiosity always inspire me!

But that's not all. After the primary school event, I'll be hopping in my car and zooming off to a university. There, I'll be speaking to lectures, delivering practical tools to deal with stress, anxiety, confidence and connection.

Two different worlds, one unified goal—to empower minds and champion mental resilience!

The whirlwind, I'm grateful to have my loving family by my side. The photo of my husband and two boys perfectly captures the beautiful blend of work and family life. It's like a circus act, with us juggling schedules and cheering each other on. The perks of working for ourselves, right? 🙌🏾

This year has brought significant changes, and I'm getting accustomed to mental workouts. It's like doing push-ups for the brain!

So, to all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, join me on this rollercoaster journey. Behind every glamorous moment lies hard work, trial, and error. Embrace the challenges, adapt, and remember that success lies not just in financial gains, but in the strength of your mind.

Keep pushing forward, and let resilience be your guiding star! 💪🏾🌟

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