A slip-up is not a reason to give up.

A slip-up is not a reason to give up.

Here we are on the first day of February, a month into our new year’s journeys. Reflecting on the past month, it’s evident how the excitement to achieve our goals can wane, making it challenging to keep the momentum.

It’s crucial to remember that our drive doesn’t solely stem from motivation, which, although inspiring, isn’t the key to lasting consistency. True perseverance comes from a clear understanding of our vision and the core values behind our aspirations. Why do we set these goals? What deeper purpose do they serve?

To put this into perspective, let me share a personal commitment I made this year: to stop buying plastic bags. This goal wasn’t about being frugal, though saving money was a nice side effect. It was grounded in my principles and desire to live more sustainably and reduce waste.


As someone who prefers buying food as needed rather than doing big shops, mainly to avoid food waste; I’ve recognised my tendency to forget to bring reusable bags. This habit led to numerous occasions last year where I found myself purchasing plastic bags, despite my intentions.

However, this January, despite forgetting my bags several times, I didn’t let these moments of oversight deter me. Instead, I reminded myself, “This is a process, Ife. You’re getting there.” And on this chilly morning of February 1st, as I was about to drive off, the thought of food  shopping later today sparked a reminder about my bags. Initially contemplating the inconvenience of delaying my departure, I decided against buying another plastic bag.

This wasn’t about facing the cold to fetch the bags from the house it was about honoring my core values. That decision was a significant shift in mindset. I had a desire to change my behaviour.

Will I remember to bring my bags every time this month? Perhaps not. But I’m confident that with each small decision to align my actions with my values, I’m moving closer to becoming the person who always has reusable bags ready. This journey is a reminder that change is a process, and perfection isn’t the goal.

So, to those of you feeling disheartened about any setbacks in your new year’s resolutions, remember: a slip-up is not a reason to give up.

Here’s to a February filled with resilience, learning, and growth.

Keep your vision clear, and trust that each step forward, no matter how small, is progress.

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