Are you a recovering Procrastinator?

Are you a recovering Procrastinator?

This afternoon, while leaving a cozy café with my husband, I overheard a conversation that struck a chord deep within me.

A group of spirited women, in their mid 80s, shared laughs and wisdom. One remarked, “Now that we’re 85, we’ve really got to make the most of it.” Another added, “Well, yes, because my mum at 80 went to bed and never woke up.”

This 10-second exchange was more enlightening than anything I’ve heard all year. It was a vivid reminder of a truth I hold dear: procrastination is not just a thief of time; it’s a dream stealer.

Throughout my journey—from a world-touring dancer to a corporate leader, from a Brian Tracy-trained coach to a two times author—I’ve faced moments that tested my spirit. Losing my dance career to injury, navigating my son’s autism diagnosis, mourning my mother’s passing, and confronting my own challenges, I’ve learned resilience firsthand. But above all, I’ve learned the critical importance of action.

Procrastination Kills Dreams, But Action Revives Them

In the Mindworkout Vault, a requested favorite delves into battling procrastination. While I eagerly share strategies within, let me pose a question here: What kind of procrastinator are you? An avoider, a perfectionist, decision-paralyzed, or fear-stricken? Identifying this is the first step towards change.

My life’s pivot points—from establishing the National Accountancy Network in my living room to authoring books on Personal Development and resilience—were fueled by a resolve to act, fail fast, learn quickly, and keep moving. “Pivot Princess” they call me, yet it’s the lessons from each pivot that sculpted my path.

Eavesdropping with Purpose: A Lesson in Living Fully

That café conversation was a serendipitous lesson: life’s brevity demands that we seize every moment, discarding procrastination like an old, worn-out coat. If we wish to leave a mark, to truly thrive, action must be our constant companion.

For those looking to escape the grip of procrastination, join me in the Mindworkout Vault.

Discover not just strategies against procrastination but also insights into managing emotions, setting goals, and squashing imposter syndrome.

Let’s not allow procrastination to steal another dream.

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