Coaches Need Coaching Too!

Coaches Need Coaching Too!

Hey lovelies! 🇮🇹

Oh wow, bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve disappeared to! So here’s the scoop: I’m in the breathtakingly beautiful southern Italy on a retreat. Yep, coaches need coaching too, you know! 😊

Every day, I’m so blessed to share my knowledge, empowering and inspiring people with my personal stories. But recently, I hit a moment where I realised the vessel I was pouring from was empty. So, here I am, getting filled up again by my own fabulous coach.

I’ve realised how important it is to ensure we’re being poured into, so we can keep sharing with others. Even after just a day here, my soul feels so refreshed and ready for action! 🌊

📢 If you or someone you know is on the lookout for a black history month speaker - someone who is always sharpening her skills (and being coached!) to share, empower and inspire, do get in touch.

Pop me a message and let’s chat!

Sending love and light from Italy,
Ife 🇮🇹❤️
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