Creating New Habits…

Creating New Habits…

Have you ever noticed how some habits slip into our lives so easily, yet prove so stubborn to shake? Let’s dive into the world of forming and breaking habits, both positive and negative. As a tech-forward family, where smart home gadgets are the norm and screens abound thanks to their dad’s DevOps role (imagine an office with seven screens!), we’ve embraced technology in every corner of our life.

Last summer, I decided to shake things up: no iPads in the car for the new school term. Instead, we’d listen to audiobooks. Our first pick was Gifted Hands by Ben Carson, and the boys were hooked. But life, as it does, threw us a curveball. Work got hectic, and soon, the iPads crept back in during car rides to accommodate my calls. What started as a Wednesday and Friday exception became an everyday occurrence.

But here’s the twist: I missed our audiobook sessions. It made me realize just how challenging it is to break a habit once it’s firmly rooted. Yet, the urge to reconnect with those meaningful car rides sparked an idea. To reignite our new habit, we watched the movie adaptation of Gifted Hands together. It was a hit and reminded me of a crucial lesson in habit formation: connect your habit to a powerful, motivating feeling or outcome.

If you’re looking to instill a new habit or break an old one, remember why you started. For me, it’s about encouraging imagination and ambition in my boys, inspired by stories like Ben Carson’s. It’s about choosing not to take the easy way out for the sake of convenience but rather focusing on what truly matters.

Have any of you read Gifted Hands or seen the movie? I’d love to hear your thoughts on its inspiring story.

Creating new habits is tough, especially when it’s so easy to revert to our old ways. But when we anchor these habits to something meaningful, something that stirs our emotions and ambitions, we stand a better chance of making them stick. Let’s not forget the power of our imagination and the impact it can have on our lives and those of our children.

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