Don’t Drop The Mic 🎤

Don’t Drop The Mic 🎤

Around 15 million people deal with what’s called (glossophobia)the fear of public speaking.

I have spoken to hundreds of thousands of people and been watched by millions.

My weekly radio show Feel Good Friday reaches Just under 50,00 people a week.

Here’s my strategy and how I make sure I don’t get afraid before I pick up the mic 🎤

  1. Identify your customer/client needs! Get clarity, find out from the event person who has hired you as much information as you can so that you know what they want and what they are expecting.
  2. Learn about your audience, what are their challenges? What problems are happening internally? How open are they to a speaker coming in? Are they being forced to attend or is it by choice? What do they care about? What are their grievances and goals ?
  3. What has resonated in the past? How do you want them to feel after your presentation? What are the key messages you’d like to reinforce?

These are just a few of my questions that I ask on my briefing calls. The reason I ask so many questions is so that I know who I’m talking to and why I’m talking to them. This way I can carve out a dynamic, entertaining, inspiring speech.

There’s no space for fear when you are clear!

When I deliver my speech, keynote, workshop or whatever it is, my goal is to serve the audience, I am not thinking about how do I sound or I hope they like me. My focus is my audience, I want my my ideas, stories, concepts and techniques to stick on them like porridge 🥣.

Sometimes I bump into someone I spoke to years before and they repeat a phrase or recall a story I told. They say, your words stuck on me.

I think! Job done ✔️

The more you learn about your clients needs and audience psychology the less afraid you’ll be.

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