Embracing the Power of Asking 🤔

Embracing the Power of Asking 🤔

As an entrepreneur, I’ve always believed in the power of supporting others.

Whether it’s buying a book, attending a webinar, or simply wearing a friend’s branded hoodie, I know how much every gesture of support can mean.

It’s not just about the transaction; it’s about believing in someone’s dream, understanding the hard work that goes into every creation.

Over the years, I’ve observed something beautiful.

Those who often engage with, purchase, and share our products are the ones who truly ‘get it.’ They understand that even a small action like a ‘like’, a comment, or a share can propel us towards our goals. And then, there are those amazing individuals who not only purchase but actively use and talk about our products, becoming champions of our work.

Writing and releasing my book was a journey filled with revelations. For nearly two decades, I never directly asked friends or family to buy my products. Instead, I gifted them. But this time, I decided to change the approach.

Inspired by the phrase ‘people who pay, pay attention,’ I reached out and asked my network to support my book not just by buying it but also by sharing their experience with it, perhaps with a photo or a testimonial.

The response was eye-opening. Many, even beyond my immediate circle, stepped up, bought the book, and actively helped promote it.

This experience taught me a vital lesson: Don’t be afraid to ask. When you have a mission, subtlety might not always be the way.

Be clear about what you need. The right people, those who believe in you and resonate with your mission, will step forward.

Others might not, and that’s okay too.

Remember, every ask is not just a request for support; it’s an invitation to be part of your journey. And those who join you, in whatever capacity, are the ones who truly add value to your mission.

To all who have supported me with a purchase, a share, a photo thank you.

Your support is the wind beneath the wings of my vision.

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