Generations of Joy

Generations of Joy

Today, as we celebrated my dad’s 90th birthday, I was reminded of the incredible tapestry of life and the beauty of family. From the youngest at three to the eldest at 83, generations came together in a testament to love, legacy, and the bonds that tie us.

In my book, “Power Lift Your Career,” I talk about the importance of learning from those who’ve walked the path before us. Inspired by this, I seized the opportunity to gather pearls of wisdom from my dad’s nieces and nephews—seasoned veterans of life and love, with marriages spanning over 50 years.

Their advice was simple yet profound:

1. Cherish Happiness: Find joy in the journey, not just the destination. Life’s too short to postpone happiness until retirement.
2. Travel Young: Explore the world while you can. Age not only brings wisdom but higher insurance premiums!
3. Love Deeply: Never let the sun set on an argument. The strength of a relationship lies in resolving conflicts and growing closer.

Today was more than a celebration; it was a masterclass on living a life without regrets. Each moment of wisdom shared was a reminder to cherish the now, embrace love, and live fully.

As I look back on today, I’m grateful for the family, friends, and neighbours who came together to honor my dad’s milestone.

I’m thankful for the collective wisdom that will guide me toward a life of joy, love, and longevity.

Here’s to celebrating every moment, learning at every opportunity, and loving with all our hearts.

Happy 90th, Dad! Here’s to many more years of wisdom and wonder. 🎂❤️

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