Holding a Car and Life’s Gusty Moments 🚗💨

Holding a Car and Life’s Gusty Moments 🚗💨

Flashback to my time in the Big Brother house: there I was, standing tall in three-inch heels, holding a car above my head, feeling fabulous, fierce, and absolutely unstoppable. For four solid minutes, I was a beacon of self-belief. But then, a gust of wind threw me off balance. In that moment, doubt crept in. I thought, “I don’t want to fall or look silly,” and allowed that breeze to end my stint.

Looking back, it’s clear that life’s challenges – whether they come as unexpected gusts or self-imposed barriers of not wanting to look silly – can easily make us waiver. Often, we prematurely surrender, not because we lack strength, but because we fear judgment or failure.

If my BB house self knew what I know today, I’d have held on, pushing past that breeze. Because in the grand scheme of life, isn’t it better to give it all and maybe look silly once, than to never know how far you could’ve gone?

Today, I champion the message of tenacity. Embrace the stumble, the fall, the silly moments. They mean you’re pushing boundaries. So, when life’s winds gust your way, stand your ground, believe in yourself, and remember: every challenge is just another chance to rise. 💪🏾✨
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