How to Survive Blue Monday

How to Survive Blue Monday

As we observe Blue Monday, it’s crucial to recognise the importance of this day and not overlook its significance. As a motivational speaker specialising in mental health and wellness, I often emphasise the value of emotional, psychological, and social wellness in my talks. Blue Monday symbolically represents a time when these aspects are particularly pertinent.

At the start of the year, the initial excitement of new beginnings fades, financial pressures may become more apparent, and in the UK, the shorter, darker days can impact our mood and energy levels. This combination of factors makes it a day when our emotional well-being can be most vulnerable.

However, I believe it’s also a day of opportunity – an opportunity to take ownership of our emotions, to develop self-awareness, and to understand why we feel the way we do. It’s about shifting our perspective and actively supporting our emotional states.

I’m excited about the upcoming opportunities to speak at various organisations, where I aim to empower individuals in the workforce. My goal is to help them take control of their emotions, transforming feelings of powerlessness into a sense of strength and personal power. Remember, understanding and managing our emotions is a key step towards feeling good about ourselves and navigating life’s challenges effectively.

I don’t just talk theory I share practical tools 🧰 to implement in those moments when you need it the most.
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