My clients come to me because they are stuck!

My clients come to me because they are stuck!

CEOs, Doctors, Solicitors the brightest and the smartest, the child genius the incredibly talented artist and the outstanding creatives are more likely to wrestle with depression than anyone eles.

My clients come to me because they are stuck!

The intelligence trap can hold you hostage with perfectionism, imposter syndrome, self sabotage, fear of success, fear of failure and crippling anxiety that all eventually leads to chronic fatigue.

Being the smartest comes with a whole lot of other challenges.

I have two sons and both of them are highly likely to experience depression. Even with me as their mum. The statistics are 1 in 4, but for autism it’s 9 in every 10 and for my youngest who is classified a genius. The gifted adult tend to be highly sensitive, intense, empathic, passionate, idealistic, and likely to analyse things more thoroughly than most people. Gifted adults are very well hidden amnongst us and usually suffer in silence.

I have dedicated the last decade to help my clients identify their thoughts, emotions and actions. Then together we create coping mechanisms and behaviours that allow the individuals to stay connected whilst moving through those emotional moments that can be triggering.

I break it down step by step….The first step is Self Awareness…

The great news is that once you know, you know.
Remember it’s not visible, there will be people at work or in your life who are struggling so be kind at all times. #menshealth
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