Rejection is Part of the Journey - Embrace It!

Rejection is Part of the Journey - Embrace It!

Last night, inspired by the knowledge that around 6 pm on Sundays, many face that sinking feeling about the week ahead, I decided to send an email. This email was designed to uplift, empower, and inspire those who dread the impending Monday. I aimed to offer tools to help them overcome procrastination, imposter syndrome, and introduce them to the Mind Workout Vault.

Today, curiosity got the best of me. I checked the results: Nine people had unsubscribed. My initial reaction was one of deflation, especially when I delved into who those nine were. Breathing exercises and a mantra I recalled from thought leaders like Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, or perhaps Seth Godin, played in my head: “The purpose of an email list is to filter. The unsubscribers are doing you a favor.”

Why? Because as your list grows, you inevitably pay more for its upkeep. Every subscriber costs. The real treasure lies in those genuinely interested in your content, your value. They’re the ones who remain and engage.

But here’s where our human nature kicks in - our attention often gravitates towards the negatives. I spent time lamenting over the nine unsubscribers, but overlooked an even bigger win: 249 people clicked through, and a promising percentage clicked on the links.

Rejection? It’s part of it. Embracing rejection, understanding it, and using it as a stepping stone is what differentiates the winners. As Brené Brown often references Theodore Roosevelt’s “daring greatly” quote, it’s not about the critic who stands on the sidelines. It’s about the one in the arena, taking the hits, yet pushing forward. Every. Single. Time.

To anyone out there fearing rejection or feeling discouraged by it, remember: it’s not about the no’s, but the yes’s. Focus on the victories, no matter how small. With every rejection, you’re one step closer to your yes. So reframe, refocus, and rejoice in the journey. 🌟

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