Sharing From The Scar, Not The Wound

Sharing From The Scar, Not The Wound

I always stand by this: never share from the wound; always share from the scar. This is fundamental for anyone wanting to leave a genuine mark on their audience. But why? Let me tell you about a chat I had recently.

I had the pleasure of meeting an ex-pilot, the first female pilot I've ever met in real life. Our conversation revolved around the psychological behavior, mindset, and thought processes of pilots, and it was enlightening. Yet, despite her achievements and fascinating life, she couldn't see her own greatness. I find that many of us often downplay our past successes if they don’t align with our current situations.

Every single one of us has a unique story, some of which are capable of making a global impact. But here's the thing: our stories are best shared after they've transpired, from the scar, and not while they're unfolding, from the wound. It's like what Steve Jobs said about connecting the dots; you can only truly connect them looking backwards. The essence of being a powerful speaker or storyteller is in narrating past experiences to help others shape their future.

Reflecting on my journey, whenever I'm asked to speak, people are eager to learn about how I pivoted in life, faced adversity, and grew from it. They rarely ask about my present; it's the past they're interested in, and how my learnings can guide their future.

So, if you've achieved something significant in your past, don't let it fade. Share it. Reflect on its relevance today and how it can influence others. Remember, stories of adversity and triumph don't have an expiry date.

The reason I founded the Mind Workout brand stories? My sheer love for people’s transformation tales. During lockdown, I began helping entrepreneurs, coaches, CEOs, and directors share their journey – their metamorphosis tales. For me, this was personal gratification; I loved hearing their stories, assisting them in articulating their message, and finally, seeing them narrate it on video.

I often find myself wishing I could record every intriguing story I hear – be it from someone at Waitrose, a fellow passenger on a train, or a random coffee date. So, if you're eager to share your narrative but don't know how, reach out. After today's inspiring interaction, I'm more driven than ever to assist others in narrating their story.

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