The Balance of Show and Business: An Entrepreneur's Reality

The Balance of Show and Business: An Entrepreneur's Reality


Being an entrepreneur often brings to mind images of freedom, exciting ventures, and endless possibilities. But there's more to it than meets the eye: hard work, continuous learning, and a deep-seated drive to succeed.



But what happens when the allure of "show" meets the demands of "business"?


As a motivational speaker and mindset and confidence coach, I've experienced the highs of the stage and the behind-the-scenes challenges of running a business. The excitement of performing contrasts sharply with the careful planning and endless tasks that go into building a brand.


I used to love the glow in the world of show business, feeling at home in the spotlight. But the business side? That was a different story.


The real work often happens out of sight. It involves marketing plans, staying connected with clients, updating my website, and countless other tasks that don't get much attention. While the "show" captures the audience, the "business" is the engine that keeps it all running.


I’ve realized that turning a passion into a business can feel draining. The pure joy of art can get overshadowed by business tasks. Yet, this balance is what entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry aim for.


At home, this spirit of entrepreneurship is a family affair. With my two sons, Quincy and Quba, we're instilling the foundations of entrepreneurship early on. Through our family discussions and personal development, we teach them about clear communication, setting targets, and handling emotions. And if there's one thing every entrepreneur needs, it's resilience.


To truly thrive, we  must embrace both the limelight and the background work. While I've grown to appreciate the grind, I still cherish every moment on stage.


In the end, being an entrepreneur isn't just a job title. It's a part of who we are. We see opportunities where others see obstacles. And in the dance between "show" and "business", lies the heart of why I love being an entrepreneur.

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