The Gift of Connection in a Disconnected World

The Gift of Connection in a Disconnected World

In our rapidly advancing digital age, the notion of self-reliance and autonomy has gained traction. Remote working, which once seemed like a distant future, has now become our present. But as much as we revel in its convenience, a more profound sense of isolation has started to shadow many of us. I’ve been working remotely since 2016, and I know this feeling all too well.

In recent times, more companies have reached out to me, expressing concern over the loneliness many of their employees face. Despite having tools that connect us within seconds, there’s a growing disconnect a loneliness that virtual “pings” and “likes” can’t fill.

But here’s my little secret to combatting this isolation: Engage with the world outside of your screen.

I get booked for virtual talks more than in person talks, this means I spend more of my time infront of my screen or streaming through a video recording set up.

I get my daily dose of human connection on my daily travels, whether it’s to the post office or my favorite coffee shop, I make it a point to greet the faces I see. The lollipop lady on the school run or the delivery driver  or just a passerby, these are all opportunities for a genuine human connection.

If you find yourself in the whirlwind of deadlines and meetings, remember to ground yourself in real relationships. Those unresolved conflicts with a colleague? Address them. Those friends you’ve unintentionally neglected? Reconnect with them.

And if you ever feel the weight of solitude pressing on your shoulders, reach out. A simple text, call, or even a doorstep visit can bridge the gap. Remember, it’s okay to be vulnerable and ask for help.

However, it’s not just about seeking assistance. You, too, have a unique gift the ability to be someone’s anchor in their storm.

In this era where self-isolation can be tempting, let’s remember our innate human need for community and connection.

Ask for help 🫶🏾

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