This Monday marks six years since the loss of my mum

This Monday marks six years since the loss of my mum

The morning dawned with me feeling rattled and lost, the weight of her absence heavy on my heart.

As I contemplated drowning in my coffee, a friend’s invitation to circuit training arrived.

Every fiber of my being wanted to say no. In fact, I recorded a voice note saying just that but couldn’t bring myself to send it.

Instead, a simple love heart became my reluctant yes.

That shift, from no to yes, taught me something crucial: I didn’t think I could show up for myself today, but the chance to support someone else nudged me out of my inertia.

At the gym, I might have done the bare minimum, but it allowed me to cheer my friend through her maximum effort.

Sometimes, showing up isn’t just for us. It’s also how we show up for others.

And in that space of shared struggle and triumph, we find our own strength magnified.

Remember, showing up can be the biggest gift of all—not just to ourselves but to those around us.
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