Welcome to the World of Autism: A Personal Journey

Welcome to the World of Autism: A Personal Journey

Hello Warrior Parents

Embarking on the autism journey? Feeling overwhelmed, lost, or simply in search of some genuine understanding and guidance? Welcome to the world of autism. Whether you're just beginning to navigate these waters or have been on this journey for a while, seeking solace and direction, you've found a haven.

First, let me offer a heartfelt introduction. I am not just a voice from the ether, sharing abstract thoughts on autism. I *am* autism. Diagnosed at 30, the world of autism is deeply personal to me. But the bond deepens further as a mother - my son, now 12, received his autism diagnosis when he was merely 2 years old. This dual perspective - as an autistic individual and as a parent - offers a unique lens through which I've dedicated the past decade, understanding autism, human behaviour, neuroscience, and, pivotally, mental health.

You see, upon my son's diagnosis, a grim statistic loomed large - 9 out of 10 individuals with autism grapple with depression and anxiety. This was the catalyst for my journey. The system, often, delivers an autism diagnosis like a cold, stark verdict: a lifelong challenge with limited avenues for support and hope. It's a punch to the gut, leaving many parents feeling directionless and despondent. And it's no surprise that this engenders a community often weighed down by despair.

But here's the thing: It doesn't have to be this way.

In my pursuit for understanding, I've collated a treasure of insights and strategies. A significant portion of these findings and experiences finds a home in the *Vault*. Here, you'll discover content on various topics, and yes, one of the primary focuses is autism. The real differentiator? My dual vantage point and a decade of dedication to understanding the depth and breadth of autism.

Intrigued? If you wish to delve deeper, this is the golden moment.  But a heads up - come September, the *Vault* transitions to a subscription model. The current offer, at just £24.99, is an unmatched value you won't find again.

If you're a parent, earnestly seeking to uplift, support, and understand your child better, these videos might just be the beacon you've been looking for. I share, not from a distant academic standpoint, but from a place of lived experience and profound empathy.

Remember, while the world might hand you a diagnosis, it's the understanding, community, and actionable knowledge that truly makes a difference. Here's to embarking on this journey, hand in hand.

Warm regards,
Ife Thomas 

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