🎄💼 Reflecting on Work During the Holidays: What’s Your Definition of Work?

🎄💼 Reflecting on Work During the Holidays: What’s Your Definition of Work?

As the Christmas festivities flew by, I found myself ‘working’ on Christmas Day. But let me share why I put ‘working’ in quotes.

📩 Unexpected Message: I received a message from James, the incredible professional helping me with my audiobook. Even on Christmas Day, we were discussing the pricing of the upcoming audiobook release.

🤔 Work or Passion? This got me thinking: What really is work? To me, responding to a message, even on a holiday, doesn’t feel like work. It’s a small, effortless action towards a much bigger dream.

🧠 Engaging My Mind: After hours of relaxation, my mind craved engagement, something actionable. And what’s more actionable than ensuring that my book is just a heartbeat away from reaching its audience on Kindle and audiobook?

🌟 Exciting Progress: Waking up to a screenshot showing that my book is nearly ready for launch was thrilling. Yes, we could have paused for Christmas, but why delay progress for a simple message exchange?

🤷🏾‍♀️ Easy as Texting: In a world where we’re constantly scrolling through social media or texting friends and family, replying to an important work message hardly seems like a burden. In fact, it’s second nature.

💭 Redefining ‘Work’: To me, work isn’t just a job; it’s a part of who I am. It’s intertwined with my life, my dreams, and my passions. It doesn’t stop for holidays because it’s not a chore – it’s a part of my journey.

📚 Imminent Launch: My excitement knows no bounds as the audiobook and Kindle version of my book are about to launch. This isn’t just work; it’s a dream coming to fruition.

🔍 Your Thoughts? So, I ask you, what is your definition of work? Is it a 9-to-5 job, a passion project, or something entirely different?

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