Unboxing Our Minds This Boxing Day - A Journey of Self-Discovery

Unboxing Our Minds This Boxing Day - A Journey of Self-Discovery

I hope your Boxing Day has been filled with joy and relaxation.

Today, I invite you to consider a different kind of unboxing – one that involves our minds and hearts.

As human beings, we often face challenges and traumas that lead us to compartmentalise our experiences. We tuck them away in mental boxes for protection, not realising that sometimes, these sealed boxes need revisiting for us to grow.

In my work with individuals seeking confidence and self-esteem, I’ve noticed these issues often stem from past experiences, rooted deep in childhood. While I don’t delve into timeline therapy, I focus on understanding what my clients want to achieve.

This helps us decide which mental boxes to open and which to leave for another time.

This Boxing Day, let’s take a moment to mentally unwrap and examine these hidden compartments. It’s about facing what we’ve stored away to move forward with clarity and purpose in 2024.

If there are areas in your life you’ve been avoiding, today might be the day to gently acknowledge them. Sometimes, the very thing we resist looking at is what holds the key to our progress.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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