🎙️ Overcoming Procrastination: My Audiobook Journey 📖

🎙️ Overcoming Procrastination: My Audiobook Journey 📖

I had a profound conversation with a client today about creating audiobooks, and it struck me how often we procrastinate, especially on tasks we are fully capable of doing. As a coach, I frequently encounter individuals who label themselves as procrastinators.

My advice? Recognise what you procrastinate over, and then find a way around it.

For instance, I have years of experience in video editing and mastering audio files. Yet, just because I can do it, doesn’t mean I should, especially if it’s not part of my day-to-day work. The best strategy for anyone serious about achieving their goals is to learn the art of delegation. It involves letting go of control, accepting the responsibility of giving others responsibility, and yes, often spending some money.

Many people hesitate to delegate because they think they could do it themselves or find a cheaper alternative. But what I’ve realised is that if something isn’t within your scope or if you’re likely to be the bottleneck, delegation is key.

Take my audiobook, for instance. I’m a director at Revolution Radio and have access to a top-notch recording studio. I know the ins and outs of editing and uploading to ACX (Audible’s platform).

Yet, when I went to record, I lacked the energy. I found myself procrastinating, chatting, and going for coffee instead of recording.

Realising my heart wasn’t in the editing and mastering process, I shifted gears. I decided to read my book over a Zoom call with 10 people. The live audience gave me the energy I needed, and the one-take format kept it authentic. After recording, I sent the Zoom audio to a professional in my network to edit, master, and upload it to Audible. In less than two weeks, my audiobook was live – a process I had been putting off for so long.

The takeaway here is to understand why you’re procrastinating.

Is it a lack of energy?

You Would someone else do it better?

Are you holding back because you’re tight with money, a perfectionist, or struggle with control? These are crucial questions to ask yourself.

As someone who consistently helps people reach their goals, I’ve seen how procrastination can be a dream killer. The audiobook would have always happened, but without this approach, it might not have been out for several more months, as I would have kept putting it off, despite the book already being published.

Check out my new audiobook  and let me know your thoughts! It’s an achievement that almost didn’t happen due to procrastination, but with a change in approach, it’s now a reality.

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