Wiggle your bum and smile on a Wednesday

Wiggle your bum and smile on a Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, my favourite day of the week!
It’s the day you have to run up that hill.

Remember the “wiggle your bum and smile on a Wednesday” chats on BBC Three Counties Radio with the wonderful Edward Adoo?

It’s about being like Blue from The Jungle Book – embracing the bare necessities of life and just getting on with it.

Wednesdays can be tough, often felt as the week’s hump. But when you know challenges are coming, it’s an advantage. It’s your cue to say, “Right, I know this is uphill, I know it’ll be hard, but I’m ready.” You make life happen for you, and that’s how I see a Wednesday.

This year, I’ve spoken to many who’ve set big, audacious goals. Ten days into January, and sadly, many goals have already been broken.

They were based on motivation, not follow-through. There was nothing in place for those days when it’s dark outside, and you don’t feel like doing those 100 sit-ups, especially after a night of Skittles and Netflix.

The key is to show up for yourself and your goals, even under imperfect conditions. If your goal is 100 sit-ups, don’t worry about gym clothes or brushing teeth first. Just roll out of bed in your pajamas and start. Remove unnecessary steps because every extra step is a potential obstacle.

This reminds me of our new company, Terratech. Before DevOps, changing software or trying a new website feature involved a lengthy process: build, test, then deploy. DevOps streamlined this, making companies more agile and productive. Similarly, in fitness and mental health, too many steps can hinder your progress. Simplify and combine steps.

When I transitioned from dancing to working out, the gym felt daunting. I disliked changing, packing gym clothes, showering elsewhere, and carrying all my personal products. So, I eliminated these steps. I got a running machine last Christmas and started walking on it in my normal day clothes, even in my suit.

So, my advice: Find ways to reduce the gaps, the steps. Start where you are with what you have.

Happy Wednesday!

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