🎙 An Evening with Ife Thomas at Sony Entertainment

🎙 An Evening with Ife Thomas at Sony Entertainment

Yesterday was not just any other day. I had the privilege of sharing my journey with the brilliant minds at Sony Entertainment, a platform that resonated deeply with both the familiar and the new in my speaking journey.

My initial speaking engagements revolved around the “Sales Success” program, guiding professionals through the intricate dance of objections, rejections, and seizing opportunities.

But after writing ‘Power Lift Your Career,’ my narrative evolved. I began exploring mental health, mindset, and the transformative power of emotional wellness in a deeper light.

Then came the pandemic, pushing me to address the blurring boundaries of work-life, the challenges of hybrid environments, and the deep-rooted feelings of isolation.

However, the evening at Sony brought a different shade to the forefront. I found myself delving into my personal journey - being a black autistic woman and a mother with autism, raising an autistic child. With the insightful Kat Thomas guiding the discussion, I embarked on a unique exploration of my experiences.

I often describe my journey as feeling like a Mac in a PC-dominated world. To establish that connection, I need an adapter. This adapter isn’t just a physical tool but a representation of my commitment to continuous learning, personal development, and embracing self-awareness. Each lesson, every book, has contributed to this adapter, allowing me to forge deeper connections.

In honor of International Stress Day, my message for you is this: We all have our battles. Each one of us experiences stress in our unique ways. But remember, the power to navigate, connect, and grow comes from within. It’s about understanding our gaps, identifying what’s missing, and finding that adapter.

Once you plug in, you can adapt and interact differently so that you can manage your stress and emotions in a way where you feel powerfully in-control.



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