🚀 From Knowing to Doing: The Attitude That Changes Everything

🚀 From Knowing to Doing: The Attitude That Changes Everything

Since 2006, I’ve been on a transformative journey, starting with Action Coach, moving through one-to-one and group coaching, and evolving into delivering impactful talks.

In 2016, I embraced speaking as my main vocation, and by 2022, I focused solely on engaging large audiences from the stage.

Early in 2022, I worked with a transplant surgeon who knew what he needed but sought the right catalyst.

Over just eight weeks, he didn’t just learn; he transformed.

By adopting the strategies we honed together, he escalated from registrar to consultant, securing a significant pay rise and multiple job offers.

His secret? Attitude. Not skills, not credentials, but the willingness to embody change.

98% of professionals know what to change but are stopped by their own attitudes.

They are either afraid of change or believe they don’t need it.

This isn’t just about gaining skills or knowledge; universities and training courses cover that.

It’s about the attitude you bring to the table.

Without the right mindset, no amount of skill can elevate you beyond your self-imposed limits.

You might be highly skilled and knowledgeable, but if your attitude doesn’t align with continual growth and adaptation, you’ll find yourself left behind.

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