Should we bring our Whole Self to Work?

Should we bring our Whole Self to Work?

What’s the Right Approach?

The concept of ‘bringing your whole self to work’ has been a topic of much discussion.

Is full authenticity in the workplace a path to inclusivity, or does it blur professional boundaries?

Imagine a workplace that encourages complete authenticity.

Every joy, every trauma, on full display. On one hand, it’s a space of unfiltered honesty.

Yet, some argue this level of openness can lead to discomfort, triggering responses and potentially hindering productivity.

They suggest bringing your ‘best self’ as a more conducive approach to professional environments.

But what defines our ‘best self’? Is it a version filtered of personal struggles, or simply our most professional, polished persona?

Consider the impact on team dynamics and psychological safety. A culture steeped in authenticity fosters connection, but at what cost?

Conversely, prioritising a ‘best self’ approach might streamline work but at the expense of individuality and personal expression.

Finding the right balance is key.

How much of ourselves should we share, and where do we draw the line to maintain professional decorum and ensure a supportive work environment?

This topic was recently raised in a briefing call, sparking a lively debate on the merits and challenges of each approach.

The discussion highlighted the complexity of workplace dynamics in the modern age.

What are your thoughts?

Should workplaces encourage employees to bring their whole selves, or is there greater value in focusing on bringing one’s best self?

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