🚀Winning Is Uncomfortable, But Oh So Necessary

🚀Winning Is Uncomfortable, But Oh So Necessary



Six weeks ago, it was just a whisper, an idea spoken softly between sips of coffee. Fast forward to today, and voila! The Mind Workout Vault is live and kicking! 🥳


Picture this: I've talked to around 80 people—most of them total strangers—about the concept. I've gone from the idea stage to concept, to proof of concept, to create, to LAUNCH. Oh, the euphoria! If you heard a loud "Ka-ching!" that was just my entrepreneurial heart exploding with joy. 🎉


You'd think I'd feel like Wonder Woman, right? Wrong! Cut to my morning reality. My son walks into the kitchen, iPad in hand, and digs into the "crisp drawer" (yes, we have one, don't judge!). "Mummy, there's no food in the cupboards!"


Yeah, about that. While I was crushing it in the boardroom (my home office), I dropped the ball in the kitchen. My kid’s about to have crisps for breakfast. Mummy of the year? Not so much. 😬


What I've learned? You can have it all, but not all at once. When you're smashing goals in one area, chances are you’re missing the mark somewhere else. Celebrate the wins when they come because, let's be honest, they're rare and precious.


This morning, fresh off a sale, Terry and I had a little dance party in our undies. (Still half asleep after 3 hours of sleep). It was a 3-minute pause to celebrate that "ka-ching" and to relish the win.


And that's the message for today: Celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small. They fuel you for the inevitable setbacks, the days when you realise you're human and the "crisp drawer" is the only breakfast option. 🤦🏾‍♀️


So, to all you budding entrepreneurs and dreamers, when the win comes, take a moment and just dance—in your undies or not, your choice. 💃🏽🕺🏽

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