From Finding My Light to Shining Yours: An Autistic Black Motivational Speaker's Call to Empower the Next Generation

From Finding My Light to Shining Yours: An Autistic Black Motivational Speaker's Call to Empower the Next Generation

Hello, beautiful souls!

My name is Ife Thomas, and I have had the incredible opportunity to wear many hats throughout my life: professional dancer, motivational speaker, mindset and confidence coach, and most importantly, a mother. Yet, perhaps the most unexpected title I've ever held is that of an autistic person. You see, I understand the vital role self-confidence plays in shaping our lives, mainly because I haven’t always had it.

The Dance Floor of Discovery

As a young girl, social cues were like complex choreography I couldn't grasp. Yet, when I stepped onto the dance floor at nine years old, the world clicked into place for me. Dance was my sanctuary, a space where I could express myself without the constraints of words. It wasn't just about the movements; it was about understanding life itself, step-by-step.

 A Mother’s Intuition

When I found out that my son, Quincy, was also autistic, my heart swelled with both concern and hope. Like me, he struggled with feeling different. But soon, we discovered Quincy’s exceptional skill in animation. Just as dance had been my savior, animation became his guiding light. It became my mission to foster this gift, to help him carve out a space where he could truly shine.

Your Child’s Hidden Gifts

Often, your child's unique ability is right under your nose, masked as a 'quirk' or a 'hobby.' Take the time to uncover this hidden treasure. It could be the key to unlocking a world of self-confidence and purpose for them.

The Confidence Star

If there's one lesson I've learned from my journey, it's the immense power of words. That’s why I created The Confidence Star—a set of daily affirmations designed to serve as "anti-viral software for the mind." My son's transformation after integrating these affirmations into his routine was nothing short of miraculous.

Why Book Me?

If you're seeking a speaker for Black History Month, a neurodiversity event, or any platform that calls for an inspiring, authentic voice, consider inviting me to share my story. Not only do I bring a unique perspective as an autistic Black woman, but I also offer actionable tools that have the power to transform lives.

So, if you're ready to empower your audience and help them discover their own hidden gifts, let's connect. Because every journey of change begins with the first step, and I can't wait to take that step with you.


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