A Rising Tide: The Mental Health Crisis and The Power of Positive Affirmations

A Rising Tide: The Mental Health Crisis and The Power of Positive Affirmations


Today, I returned to one of my favorite schools, where every year I’ve had the privilege to introduce the Confidence Star to the fresh faces of Year 7s. This year, we broadened our reach, connecting with even more students than usual. An assembly with 250 eager Year 7 students set the tone, and throughout the day, we delved deeper into workshops that explored the profound power of positive affirmations.

Each year group brought a unique perspective, a different energy, and an individual set of emotions. I tailored the workshops to resonate with each group, and as we journeyed together, there were tears, emotional revelations, and beautiful breakthroughs. Leaving the school, I felt an immense sense of accomplishment, certain that we had added invaluable tools to their mental wellness toolkit.

For nearly a decade, I’ve been a custodian of the Confidence Star, a set of affirmations intricately designed after intensive research. These four lines are not just words; they are lifelines for many. They address the damaging, debilitating internal dialogues that so many of us, especially our youth, struggle with daily.

During our sessions, some students found it a challenge to face the star and utter these affirmations. Some faltered, while others struggled to hold back tears. Yet, as the sessions progressed, those very words echoed within the confines of the room, each repetition engraining them deeper into the minds of these young individuals. I elucidated how our subconscious absorbs these affirmations, and with time, they transition into conscious thought, ultimately influencing behavior and self-perception.

While many embraced the idea of integrating these affirmations into their daily rituals, some hesitated, doubting their efficacy. To them, I shared stories of transformation, of lives uplifted by the consistent practice of these affirmations. My own children are living testimonials to the power of the Confidence Star.

However, today I couldn’t help but notice a worrying undercurrent. The rising mental health crisis in our young generation is palpable, more significant than I’ve ever perceived. The causes are multifaceted, with social media being a prominent contributor. Today’s youth are bombarded with an overwhelming stream of images and messages, each portraying ideals that may seem unattainable. This constant influx intensifies feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and anxiety.

While the Confidence Star offers a starting point, it is clear that more reinforcements are needed. Our collective responsibility is not just to acknowledge this crisis but to arm our young generation with a variety of tools and strategies. We need to teach them to identify healthy from toxic, to disconnect when necessary, and to ground themselves in self-worth that isn’t swayed by external influences.

Today was a reminder, not just of the work we’ve done but of the immense task ahead.

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