Daily Thoughts on the Daily Verse: A Journey in Faith” by Ifeoluwa

Daily Thoughts on the Daily Verse: A Journey in Faith” by Ifeoluwa

To many, a name is simply a means of identification. To me, Ifeoluwa, which means “love of God,” my name is a prophecy, a testament, a blessing handed down by my birth mother that I’ve come to cherish more with each passing day.

My journey with God has been woven with moments of divine encounters, moments when I’ve felt His presence so powerfully that it brought tears to my eyes. From the age of five at Ruach Church in Brixton, to my later years standing amidst crowds, where once again, a pastor would recognize the presence of God all over me.

There have been times when God’s voice came through dreams of acquaintances, and through strangers in foreign lands. Each message was clear: He was calling me to Him, steering me towards a life where He was in control.

I’ve known heartaches, successes, and numerous trials. Through them all, I felt an inexplicable presence beside me. While I’ve tried to take control and steer my own life, this year, in Nigeria, I decided to let go. To hand over the wheel to God and trust in His plans.

And so, my commitment today is to delve deeper into His word daily. Through this space, I will share my reflections on the daily verses I encounter. This isn’t about expertise but rather about a personal journey with God. Every verse in the Bible resonates differently depending on where one is in life. Through “Daily Thoughts on the Daily Verse,” I hope to offer my own takeaways, thoughts I ponder, and how God’s word speaks to me.


The Movie of Life: Knowing the End Changes Everything”

Every now and then, a verse from the scriptures speaks to our souls in such a profound way that it reshapes our perspective on life. Yesterday, I stumbled upon such a verse. It read, “Have you ever accidentally seen the end of a movie first? Knowing the ending probably shapes the way you understand the rest of your story.”

I pondered this deeply, reflecting on its implications. If our lives were like movies and we knew how the ending played out, would we approach our challenges, trials, and tribulations differently?

A recent coffee meet-up with a dear friend brought this verse into stark clarity for me. Six months ago, she found herself in the throes of uncertainty, not knowing if her dreams and aspirations would ever materialize. The weight of not knowing the end caused her sleepless nights filled with anxiety. Fast forward to our coffee date, and she joyfully shared that her hopes had come to fruition. And I posed this question to her: What if, six months ago, you knew that today, everything you wished for would come true? The response was as expected—her journey would have been significantly less fraught with stress.

That’s the power of knowing the end.

Movies are masterfully crafted to take us on emotional roller coasters. They make us sit on the edge of our seats, biting our nails in anticipation, feeling the hero’s fear, joy, sadness, and triumph. But what if, before the movie even began, someone whispered the ending in our ears? The suspenseful scenes wouldn’t be as anxiety-provoking. The sad moments wouldn’t be as soul-crushing because we would know joy is around the corner.

Life, in all its unpredictability, often feels like a suspenseful movie. We find ourselves bracing for impact, expecting the worst, hoping for the best. But what if we adopted a new perspective? What if we lived life with the unwavering belief that the end of our movie, our life’s story, is going to be a triumphant one?

Psalms 35 beautifully echoes this sentiment. We will all inevitably face sorrow and grief, but it’s the promises of God that provide the hope we need to endure. Knowing that there’s a divine plan, that God is steering our ship, is a comforting thought. It’s a reminder that we are not alone in our journey.

Today, as I reflect on that verse, I’m filled with gratitude. It has redefined my perspective on life’s trials. Even when I face uncertain tides, I’ll remember the end of my movie. It’s going to be a blockbuster. And with God by my side, the credits will roll with joy, love, and fulfillment.

Join me on this journey as we explore the timeless wisdom of the Bible, understanding it anew every day.

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