Celebrating Black History Month with a Look Back at My Big Brother Journey 🌟

Celebrating Black History Month with a Look Back at My Big Brother Journey 🌟

This Black History Month, I’m reflecting on the moments that not only shaped me but also had a cultural significance. When I entered the Big Brother house years ago, I carried more than just a suitcase of wigs – I carried a legacy. I was one of the first black females on the show to openly change my wigs, unabashedly embracing every facet of my identity.

In an act of raw authenticity, I even shaved my head live on national television. It wasn’t about making a statement; it was about showing up as myself – unapologetically and confidently. My journey resonated with many, particularly those battling cancer, who reached out to express how my open embrace of changing hair and wigs gave them confidence.

Being a black woman often means navigating a world where you might be “the first” in many arenas. While being the first can be daunting, I’ve never shied away from it. There’s immense power in paving the way, and I’m reminded of the words of Michelle Obama, “When you’ve worked hard and done well, and walked through the door of opportunity, don’t let it slam shut behind you. Make sure you reach back and pull other people through.”

Throughout my dance career and entrepreneurial ventures, this philosophy has been my guiding star. It’s not just about lighting up the path for myself but ensuring others find their glow too. Whether I’m giving someone a platform, opening a door, or simply cheering them on from the sidelines, nothing brings me greater joy than witnessing others step into their power and shine bright.

As we delve deeper into this Black History Month, let’s celebrate not just the pioneers of the past but also those everyday moments where we break barriers, challenge norms, and inspire the next generation.

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