Do you choose Faith or Fear ?

Do you choose Faith or Fear ?


In our journey through life, we often encounter crossroads where the path divides, leading us towards either faith or fear. This choice, seemingly simple, profoundly impacts our happiness and well-being.

Anthony C Brookes, in his enlightening work “Build the Life That You Want,” delves into the concept of happiness, challenging the conventional pillars of money, power, pleasure, and pain that society often promotes as the keystones of a fulfilling life.

Instead, he introduces a more authentic quartet: faith, family, friends, and work that serves others, advocating that these elements are the true foundation of a joyous existence.

So why does faith play such a crucial role in this framework?

The answer lies in the wisdom shared by the late Bob Proctor, a visionary who eloquently articulated the parallel between faith and fear. Both forces compel us to believe in the unseen, to trust in the existence of something beyond our current perception. Yet, while fear confines us, shackling our spirits with dread of the unknown, faith liberates, offering a hope that guides us through dark times.

Choosing faith over fear is an act of courage, a deliberate decision to trust in the goodness that the future holds, even in the absence of tangible evidence.

Will we let fear dictate our journey, or will we embrace faith with open arms, trusting in the unseen and believing in the beauty of what is yet to come?

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