Picture this: my first talk ever in 2013, supposed to be my breakthrough moment, ended in disaster.

Picture this: my first talk ever in 2013, supposed to be my breakthrough moment, ended in disaster.

The organiser pulled me aside and didn’t mince words – “That was terrible. A car crash of a monologue.” The harsh feedback felt like a slap.

I was always praised for my eloquence, believed I had the gift of the gab. So, how could this happen? I had rehearsed tirelessly, ensuring every word was perfect. Yet, there I was, grappling with the reality that I had failed to connect, to truly communicate.

The criticism was a gut punch. Descending the stairs of that 20-story building, tears streamed down my face, each step heavy with defeat. I questioned my calling, my purpose. “Was I really meant to be a speaker?” I wondered, feeling lost and directionless.

On the tube ride home, the whirlwind of embarrassment and self-doubt, a realisations struck me. The organiser had expected an interactive workshop, not a monologue. It dawned on me—I had no clue about my audience’s needs or expectations. I had failed to engage because I hadn’t understood what was truly required of me.

That day marked a turning point. I vowed never to take the stage again without thoroughly understanding my audience. Fast forward over a decade, and I’ve transformed my approach to public speaking, becoming a sought-after speaker for tech companies, earning rave reviews not because I’m exceptional, but because I dedicate myself to meeting my audience’s needs.

This journey led me to create the Mind Workout Vault, a treasure trove of resources for personal and business development, including a dedicated section on mastering your message for aspiring paid speakers. Here, I share the essence of truly knowing your audience, a lesson learned from my own failures and successes.

If you’re ready to elevate your speaking game and connect with your audience on a deeper level, visit the Mind Workout Vault.

Discover how to craft messages that resonate, engage, and inspire. Your path to becoming a powerful speaker starts here.

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