Dream Big Dreams!

Dream Big Dreams!

I’ve always been a Big Dream Dreamer.
Go big or go home is a popular phrase that resonates with me.

I love setting BIG scary goals!

Yesterday I landed in Abuja Nigeria and It was the first time in a long time that I’ve felt scared.
I had been planning this trip for a month.

So many people expressed their fears and concerns about me going alone. 🤦🏾‍♀️ because they know what I’m like 😂

Some of the things people have said to me.

❌Don’t smile too much.
❌Don’t be your usually chatty self
❌Be careful you don’t get kidnapped
❌Keep your belongings closely
❌Make sure you are safe
❌Trust nobody, strangers could be dangerous.

This required a huge mental shift for me.

My personality is smiley, friendly and I love chatting to strangers and meeting new people organically.

However I took the advice very seriously and suppressed my personality for the entire 6 hour flight so I could get into character.
When I landed I put my sun glasses on and armoured up.

I got through security collected my case and walked through the airport doors.

I was greeted by my TEDX Nigeria team.
I exhaled and flashed my biggest smile as cameras clicked and a voice said welcome to Nigeria!

I made it!! 🥰
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