What on earth happened to us?

What on earth happened to us?

Imagine a world where depression and anxiety doesn’t exist!

The reality is 1 BILLION of us suffer with anxiety or depression.

We are facing a Mental Health crisis! I don’t say this to scare you I say this because it’s true!

The World Health Organisation Reports That..Every 40 seconds a person under 25 takes their own life.

Children as young as five are being diagnosed with clinical depression.

What on earth happened to us?

This is how I started my Ted Talk and I could feel the audience in this moment!

I have so many ideas of how we can fight the war on mental health. I talk about this at every keynote, every virtual event. It’s my number one priority.

Having the opportunity to share my ideas and then receive messages about the impact my talk had was the best feeling ever.

I love what I get to do!

There was a moment in my life when I was in such a dark place, I had given up on life. After my dance career came to an end after a serious injury. I couldn’t see a future. I had no prospects no degree or academic qualifications I had nothing.

While I was laying in the hospital bed I forced myself to sit in the dark and get honest with myself about what I wanted for my future.

This is when I decided to study human potential, psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, neuroscience and meta physics. I was searching for the answer to my question. Why are some people winning at life and others loosing?

After years of obsessing, writing a book, building a business and consistently reaching out to my community. I discovered The Power of 5 and for the last decade I’ve been speaking about it.

Workshops at home, workshops on zoom, delivering presentations at schools, universities, taking on the Radio and Tv about it.

This month of May I found a way to say everything I needed to say in 18 mins… well it was 24 mins 🙈 but we will edit it.

I can’t wait for my TedX talk to be available, because I know it’s going to help so many!

Each one of us has the possibility to pivot!
I was a Dancer!

Now  I’m a Motivational Speaker 💃🏽🎤



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