Every Year Matters: Learning and Growing Together

Every Year Matters: Learning and Growing Together

As 2024 approaches, I often hear, and have said myself, “2024 is going to be my year.” But this time, I’m taking a different approach. Looking at an amazing picture of me with my boys, I’m reminded that every year, including 2023, has been instrumental in preparing us for the future.

In this photo, their smiles, their growth, and our shared moments speak volumes. It’s in these moments, I look at them and realize just how much we’ve all learned and grown together. Each year has been a chapter in our story, filled with its own lessons and achievements.

Since 2000, I’ve embraced each year as ‘my year’. Some were full of successes and goals achieved; others brought challenges and valuable lessons. But each one, without exception, has contributed to our journey.

This year, instead of looking solely towards 2024 with hope and anticipation, I’m choosing to appreciate 2023 for all it has taught us. It’s not about disregarding the past in favour of the future, but about recognising that every year, with its unique experiences, shapes us.

So, as we move forward, let’s not discount the years that have passed. Let’s cherish them for the foundation they’ve built, the lessons they’ve taught, and the memories they’ve given us, especially the challenging times that have only made us stronger.
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