The True Essence of Forgiveness: A Revelation at Potters House, Northampton

The True Essence of Forgiveness: A Revelation at Potters House, Northampton

Today, I’m compelled to share a profound insight I gained during a recent service at Potters House, Northampton. We often encounter the phrase, “I will forgive, but I won’t forget.” This concept, familiar as it may be, deserves a deeper examination for its true impact on our spiritual journey.

Forgiveness, as taught by spiritual guides like Louise Hay and echoed in the Bible, is a path to personal liberation. But the saying, “I’ll forgive, but never forget,” subtly undermines this liberation. When we forgive yet cling to the memory of the offense, we remain ensnared in a cycle of doubt and guardedness, contradicting the very essence of forgiveness.

The turning point for me was a message from a visiting pastor from the United States, who spoke eloquently about the power of truly wiping the slate clean. True forgiveness, he emphasized, involves not just pardoning but also completely letting go of the past, mirroring how God’s forgiveness is portrayed in the Bible. It’s about total absolution and a fresh start.

This realization highlighted the immense inner work required to genuinely forget. Holding onto past hurts may seem like a defense mechanism, but if we trust in a higher power, as I’ve learned, forgetting becomes an act of faith. It’s about embodying the unconditional forgiveness exemplified by figures like Jesus.

So, my message, inspired by the insightful words at Potters House, is this: To truly embrace forgiveness, we must also forget. It’s about releasing ourselves from the past and moving forward, unburdened and open to life’s fullness.

I’m excited to share that the visiting pastor who sparked this revelation will be with us again tomorrow, Tuesday, from 7 PM at Potters House, Northampton. His final day for this revival will be on Wednesday at 7 PM.

It would be a joy to see many of you there for these inspiring sessions.

Until next time, let’s walk together on this path of complete forgiveness and renewal.

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