Fear of showing up!

Fear of showing up!

Have you ever agonised over uploading a video of yourself ?

I remember the FEAR!
What will people think?
What will they say?

The first time was frightening. I mustered up the courage and pressed upload! Jumped back from the laptop and began to do a little tiptoe nervous run on the spot.

My throat was dryer than a desert my heart had began thumping so much I could feel it in my gut!

I moved back and forth toward the laptop, stopping myself from deleting it.

I thought about editing parts out and cutting some of the awkward parts. After about 45 mins of what I can only call STRESS I decided to leave it alone.

I went to bed feeling sick 🤢 preparing myself for comments like ” Who do you think you are? “ What do you know“

I woke up super early the next morning to find I had no views. That was 2014!

I made a decision that day! To show up and share without a care!

What video do you have on your phone that you are afraid to post?

POST IT TODAY! Tag me and I’ll watch ❤️

Here’s my new trailer created by (Jimmy Varley) 

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