Fill Your Cup Until It Runs Over—Then Pour from the Saucer

Fill Your Cup Until It Runs Over—Then Pour from the Saucer

As we find ourselves four weeks into 2024, I invite you to join me in a moment of introspection.

This year, are we ready to embrace the unfamiliar?
To trust our instincts, to decline what we’d typically accept, to prioritise our well-being over pleasing others, and to establish boundaries that protect our time, energy, and peace?


Most of us take pleasure in supporting those around us be it through acts of kindness, sharing our time, or inspiring our community. This generosity is commendable. However, my experiences have taught me a crucial lesson: generosity should not deplete us. When acts of giving leave us feeling empty, stressed, or simply off, it’s a sign we must heed.


Therefore, I’m here to empower you: it’s okay to say no. This week, I encourage you to choose yourself.

Focus on filling your cup to the brim and beyond, so much so that it overflows. It’s from this abundance that we can truly share with others without diminishing ourselves.


Attempting to contribute from a place of scarcity when our cup is half-full or even just shy of overflowing can be more draining than rewarding.

By setting limits, we might initially feel uncomfortable, but this discomfort paves the way for increased self-esteem and a profound sense of well-being. It’s a testament to putting our needs first, thereby enabling us to offer more to the world around us.


As Monday dawns, and with each request that comes your way, I urge you to consider: are you giving from your surplus, or are you sacrificing your own needs?

Let this question guide you in making decisions that align with the person you aspire to be in 2024.

This journey may challenge you, but embracing this discomfort will lead to growth and fulfillment.

Keep track of each decision that reflects your true self—it’s these choices that will shape your year.

Wishing you a week of insightful choices and overflowing cups.

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