Are You Happy to Do Virtual, or Would You Prefer I Come Into Your Office? A Speaker’s Perspective

Are You Happy to Do Virtual, or Would You Prefer I Come Into Your Office? A Speaker’s Perspective

This is a common question I get asked when people book me directly, and my response has shifted intriguingly over time. Initially, during the COVID era, virtual was the only option. As the world began to open, the choice returned: virtual or in-person?

While my early response was always in favor of in-person engagements, saying, “If there’s an opportunity to come into your office, I will be there,” my perspective now embraces the unique qualities of both formats.

In-person, I am not just a figure on a screen; I am tangible, vibrant, and fully present. The experience of sharing a physical space adds a layer of connection and energy that is profoundly different from any digital interaction. However, these in-person events are demanding. Behind the apparent ease of a 20-minute talk lies a deep pool of preparation, research, and mental conditioning. Crafting a talk that resonates and engages takes immense effort—often more than 23 hours for a signature talk.

But let’s talk about virtual events. They are not just a convenient alternative; they have their own set of advantages. Virtual events feel more conversational, intimate, and personal. I find that participants are more likely to ask questions and engage in dialogue, as the virtual format reduces the intimidation of a public Q&A. This intimacy creates a unique dynamic where it feels like I am having a one-on-one conversation with each member of the audience, despite the physical distance. It’s a different kind of energy from in-person events, yet equally impactful in its own way.

My commitment to delivering an engaging and meaningful experience is constant, whether the event is virtual or in-person. The preparation for virtual talks is still extensive, ensuring that each session is tailored, relevant, and resonant. So, while my fees for virtual events might be lower due to the lesser physical demand and recovery time, the effort and dedication I put into these sessions remain high.

Through this post, I hope to offer an insight into my world as a speaker. It’s a world where passion, preparation, and the desire to connect deeply with my audience drive every talk I give, regardless of the format.

Below is additional information we’ve previously created, but I wanted to share this to give you a clearer picture of the nuances and efforts behind each of my speaking engagements.



The Virtual Advantage:


1. Broader Reach: Virtual speaking allows participants from different time zones and locations to join effortlessly. It’s inclusivity at its best!

2. Replay Value: Recordings offer the luxury of revisiting the talk, benefiting those who missed it or wish to delve deeper into the insights shared.

3. Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness: With no travel expenses or venue arrangements, virtual speaking is both time-flexible and budget-friendly.


The In-Person Impact:


1. Engagement and Presence: There’s an undeniable energy in having a speaker physically present. It creates an event atmosphere, encouraging focus and reducing distractions.

2. Personalization and Connection: As a speaker, being in the same space allows me to tune into the company’s vibe, offering a more tailored and resonant experience.

3. Memorable Experiences: In-person events are not just about the message, but also about the memorable, 3D human interaction, enriching the overall experience.


While the digital world offers convenience, nothing can truly replicate the feeling of a live, in-person interaction. Especially in our screen-dominated lives, the human touch of a physical presence stands out.


So, what’s my preference? If given a choice, I lean towards in-person engagements.


The interaction, the energy, the connection – it’s unparalleled. However, I understand the practicality and necessity of virtual speaking, especially for global teams or when physical spaces aren’t an option.


In conclusion, whether you’re leaning towards virtual or in-person, what matters most is the message and its impact.


If you’re on the lookout for a speaker who can adapt to both formats and deliver a compelling, engaging experience, let’s connect!


Remember, the choice between virtual and in-person might affect the format, but the value and impact of a great speaker remain constant.

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