Fire Drills: Your Emotional Escape Plan

Fire Drills: Your Emotional Escape Plan

When we think of fire drills, we envision the clanging of alarms and people orderly walking  out of a building. But have you ever considered applying this concept to your mental and emotional wellbeing?

I’m Ife Thomas, and I’ve created a technique I share with my clients – the Fire Drill Technique.

Anxiety is a persistent guest in many of my clients lives, often overstaying its welcome because they get trapped in thinking patterns that reignite familiar stress responses. To break free, we need a plan – a blueprint for emotional emergencies that can guide us through the chaos.


Here’s how it works: just as a fire drill prepares us for the unexpected, we can prepare for emotional upheavals. Identify your ‘emergency contacts’ for different crises: someone for work stress, family issues, financial challenges, spiritual guidance, or physical health. Preparing these in advance is your emotional clipboard – a step-by-step guide to keeping you grounded.


For instance, if I feel sad, I turn to music to lift my spirits. When I’m overwhelmed, exercise is my solution. When I’m Lost, prayer is my compass. And when my energy dips, I refuel with a dose of personal development, audiobooks are my thing or an inspirational reel recharges me. These are my strategies, ready at a moment’s notice because I recognise my emotional signals.


Remember, fire drill moments don’t just test us; they shape us.  As the saying goes, circumstances don’t make the man, they merely reveal the man to himself.

If the person you see in the tough times isn’t who you wish to be, it’s time to map out your emotional fire escape.

Don’t wait for the flames; plan now.

To delve deeper into this concept and discover more tools to handle life’s unexpected moments , my book, Finding Light in the Darkness, is your guide.


It’s a quick read, perfect for an afternoon, but packed with stories and strategies that have helped and continue to help me on my own path.

Grab your copy here 

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