When Silence Speaks Louder Than Cheers

When Silence Speaks Louder Than Cheers

In the journey of life, especially as an entrepreneur, not everyone will be your cheerleader. You’ll find that not everyone congratulates you, acknowledges your achievements, or even recognises your hard work. Sometimes, those who you expect to be your biggest supporters may not offer a single word of encouragement.

But here’s the truth—this lack of applause won’t halt your progress. You’ll keep advancing, fuelled by your own determination. And perhaps, when you’ve reached your summit, they’ll claim they’ve been there all along, supporting you from the shadows.

One of my clients once struggled deeply with this, feeling the sting of indifference from those closest. It’s a common narrative among the brave souls who dare to dream and do.

The wonderful Baiju Solanki 🔥 Performance Psychologist, Speaker and Coach offered a perspective that resonated with me: maybe they don’t cheer because they see you as a self-sufficient rock star. Perhaps your aura of self-assurance leads them to believe you don’t need their acknowledgement. This raises a question: Are we presenting ourselves as so put-together that others assume we’re beyond the need for support?

In my talks, I often discuss the ‘Three Rs’ that should be in your rucksack on any journey:

1. Recognise where you are—this is self-awareness.
2. Reach Out—don’t go it alone.
3. Ensure those you reach out to are Reliable and truly capable of offering support.

These principles apply universally, be it navigating academics, moving homes, starting a family, or building a business.

Keep playing your tune, and eventually, the world will hear it.
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