If There’s No Photographic Evidence, It Didn’t Happen

If There’s No Photographic Evidence, It Didn’t Happen

Imagine a world where dreams of space travel brewed in the mind of a young Elon Musk, far before technology could turn those dreams into reality. Fast forward, and Musk’s SpaceX is on the cusp of making such monumental journeys commonplace. This story of vision and ambition serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of dreaming big and the relentless pursuit of those dreams.

Yet, as I discussed the achievements of astronauts like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin with my son, a question arose: who captured that iconic image of Armstrong on the moon? The answer, Buzz Aldrin, led us to another unsung hero of the Apollo 11 mission, Michael Collins. Collins piloted the command module alone in lunar orbit while his comrades took their historic steps. He was pivotal, yet far less celebrated. Only 69 miles from the lunar surface, Collins chose the mission over personal glory, embodying the essential yet often invisible work done behind the scenes.

This realization struck a chord. In a world that increasingly values visibility, the story of Michael Collins underscores a crucial lesson: being behind the scenes doesn’t guarantee recognition, no matter the significance of your contributions. This is especially true in today’s digital age, where personal branding and visibility are paramount.

My awakening to the power of visibility came in 2018. Despite regularly guesting on radio shows, I kept my achievements to myself. It wasn’t until I shared a photograph en route to a radio station, equipment in hand, that I truly appreciated the importance of capturing and sharing these moments. That photograph marked the beginning of my journey to becoming my own PR machine.

The lesson here is clear: in the realms of branding, marketing, or even your day-to-day job, waiting to be discovered isn’t a strategy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an artist, or a professional, making your work visible is crucial. Like Collins, you may be indispensable to your mission’s success, but without stepping into the light, your contributions may remain overshadowed.

From that day forward, I made it my mission to document my journey, asking strangers to capture moments that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. This approach has not only helped build my brand but has also underscored the ethos: if there’s no photographic evidence, it didn’t happen.

So, to all aspiring speakers, entertainers, and professionals: let the world see your achievements. Capture those moments, share your journey, and remember that in the vast orbit of your career, visibility is the gravitational pull that brings opportunities to your doorstep.

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