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Sometimes, the universe aligns in ways that even I can’t predict - like matching my car entirely by accident while heading to a members-only club with the incredible Edward Adoo. 

Imagine a place that’s the epitome of elegance, complete with a rooftop terrace, a state-of-the-art gym, a relaxing spa, and a vibrant lounge and nightclub, where the air vibrates with music spun by BBC radio producers. It was a night to remember!

This serendipitous moment got me thinking about the essence of personal branding. It’s about defining the core of your presence - why you show up, who you are, and the emotional imprint you leave behind. Personal branding requires intentionality at every step.

My brand, which is all about being the ‘Confidence Queen’ and the go-to source for positivity, isn’t a role I shed come the weekend. It’s woven into the fabric of my being, effortless and constant, because I’m clear on my why, who, and what feeling I aim to evoke in others.

Your personal brand should be a reflection of your true self, seamlessly integrated into every facet of your life. It’s not just about what you put out into the world; it’s about being authentic in every interaction.

As the Black Girl with Pink Hair, I am passionate about Mindset and helping you to keep showing up, never give up and always own your shine.

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