Laughter: The Joyful Medicine for Mind and Soul

Laughter: The Joyful Medicine for Mind and Soul

Last year, I stepped into a laughter room on Clubhouse, a curious yet profound experience that highlighted the impact of laughter on mental health.

A hearty chuckle, much like a vigorous workout, releases endorphins. These feel-good neurotransmitters act as natural painkillers, helping to combat stress and anxiety. Laughter isn’t just a mood lifter; it strengthens the immune system, aids circulation, and boosts our overall well-being.

Laughter’s power goes beyond the humour in jokes; it’s about social connection, sharing joy and bonding with others. It’s an essential part of human interaction, a natural and powerful tool for wellness.

Last night, I met a motivational comedy speaker.

The concept fascinated me blending humour with inspirational speaking.

I’ve always enjoyed eliciting laughs during my talks, though I’ve never considered myself ‘funny’.

It reminded me of a brief chat I had years ago with Alan Carr, a comedian who makes people laugh for a living.

This encounter got me thinking about the potential of integrating more humour into my work.

So, this holiday season, amongst the festive gatherings, take a moment to laugh.

Whether through a funny video, a comedy show, or simply sharing a joke with friends, remember the profound effect laughter can have on your mental health.

Let’s embrace laughter not just as a source of joy, but as a pathway to a more connected and resilient self. It’s about allowing joy and connection to flow through us, uplifting our spirits and those around us.

Happy laughing!

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