Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are?


I am so, so grateful for everything I’ve achieved to this day. And why am I sharing this?

Because it’s crucial to start where you are with what you have. I’ve seen so many people afraid to begin their journey, caught up in overthinking, perfectionism, and the fear of others’ opinions.

In 2018, I felt a calling to share my story, specifically with parents raising children with autism.

My own child was just seven at the time, and I battled my internal critic asking, “Who do you think you are?” How could I, a parent of young children, dare to offer advice to more experienced parents?

But I silenced that critic. I realised my value lay in my life experiences and my journey with my child.

The confidence star I followed helped my nonverbal child to speak, make eye contact, and discover a gift in numbers. It transformed our communication, filled with positive affirmations and support.

Educators noticed the change, asking, “How did you do it?”

So, when that voice of doubt whispers, “Who do you think you are?” Stand tall and answer back, “I am somebody.

I am valuable and worthy. I won’t let anyone stop me.”

Have you ever faced such doubts?

When did your inner voice challenge you, and how did you respond? Share your moments in the comments.

And if there’s something you want to do but haven’t because of fear, I’m here to say: Go for it.



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