Looking for a High Energy Speaker….

Looking for a High Energy Speaker….

This morning, a friend shared she got locked out and called a locksmith. Within 40 minutes, help arrived, and in about 25 seconds, her door was open. “£85,” she said, and when I asked if she’d have preferred a longer fix for the money, she quickly said no. “I was relieved. I wanted it done as soon as possible.” It got me thinking about the true value of efficiency and impact over time spent.

When I speak, I aim for 20 minutes of high energy, impactful storytelling, and practical takeaways.

It’s about getting the audience energized, sharing stories and insights, and leaving them uplifted and ready for what’s next.

My talks are designed to be concise, energizing, and memorable, ensuring that the key messages stick because they’re delivered straight to the heart of what matters.

Sure, I could talk for two hours, diving deep into the themes of my books, but I’ve learned that focusing on what the audience really needs, and tailoring my message to those needs, leaves a lasting impact.

It’s about sharing relevant principles in a way that’s engaging and leaves the audience on a high.

So, while my sessions may be brief, they’re packed with energy, stories, and actionable insights.

I specialise in giving people what they want and need in the moment, ensuring they walk away not just entertained but enriched.

Looking for a high energy speaker….

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