Monday Mornings: The Launchpad of a Phenomenal Week!

Monday Mornings: The Launchpad of a Phenomenal Week!

Today, let’s redefine a commonly dreaded time – Monday mornings. I see Mondays not just as the start of the week, but as the all-important warm-up, the stretch that primes us for the race ahead. They’re our personal launchpad to an extraordinary week!



Think of Monday as your motivational coach, gearing you up for the challenges and triumphs of the week. It’s about stretching those metaphorical muscles, focusing on the tight spots, ensuring you’re ready for whatever the week throws your way. A upbeat Monday sets the tone for a productive, spirited, and satisfying week.


Here’s how I approach it: When I kickstart my Monday with oomph - full makeup, eyes shining with determination, poised to embrace the day - I feel like I’m stepping onto a grand stage, ready for a stellar performance. This mindset revolutionises my entire week, turning mid-week hurdles into effortless strides.


Now, if you’re on the ‘slow Monday’ side, where the week seems to drag from the get-go, don’t worry! Mondays, and every new day, offer a fresh slate, a chance to rewrite our stories. If dread has been your Monday emotion, it’s time to think about, “What changes can a I make?”

I know that feeling all too well.


Back in 2020, I had the privilege of spreading this message through ‘Monday Motivation’ segments on BBC Radio Oxford. Sharing this concept on the show was an incredible experience. It was during those times that I realised the power of transforming our approach to Mondays.


Reflect on your Monday routine. Do you wake up moaning, “Oh no, it’s Monday”? Or do you spring from bed, energised, thinking, “Yay, it’s Monday! Let’s rock this”? You are the boss of your mind. You get to decide what you think and say.


Consider the first thought that greeted you this morning. What was your body’s first response? If it wasn’t what you hoped for, think about a small step you can take next Monday to start shifting that narrative.


Whether it’s tweaking your morning routine, setting inspiring weekly goals, or even considering significant life changes, let’s make Mondays our powerhouse.


So, cheers to Monday mornings and the incredible week ahead!


How do you plan to kickstart your week?

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