Mums in Business monthly meeting!

Mums in Business monthly meeting!

Today was an absolute blast, so much fun at the Mums in Business monthly meeting!

It’s not every day I break out into dance during my talks, but today was special.

I shared a story from when I was 17, moving to London to chase my dreams at the Urdang Academy dance college. I landed in a place called Hyelm in Hampstead Heath, a converted hotel turned into a bustling hub for dancers. It was like living in the movie “Fame” dancing in the foyer, stretching in the hallways.

This experience taught me the importance of finding spaces where you feel safe enough to be yourself. When you’re with people who are equally focused on their goals, there’s no room for judgment only self-improvement.

Like in the dance studio, surrounded by mirrors, you focus on your own reflection, adjusting your posture, not concerned with how high someone else’s leg is. It’s about working on you. 

That’s the message I wanted to convey to the incredible women today: for 2024, keep your eyes on your path. Let go of anything or anyone that acts as a distraction or a detractor. Surround yourself with those who support your journey towards self-improvement.

Here’s a little clip from today that captures the joy and energy of the moment. And if you’re on the lookout for a speaker who brings this kind of energy and insight to your event, get in touch.


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